Need help with your fitness goals?

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Exercise is essential to a balanced and healthy life. We offer weekly fitness plans for people at all stages of fitness experiences. Whether you are a beginner, trying to revamp your fitness goals, or have plenty of experience, we’ve got something for you.  Our workouts consist of a mix of basic cardio, high-intensity interval training, and strength training.


Why do HIIT cardio, what’s wrong with normal cardio?

Absolutely nothing is wrong with normal long endurance cardio. You should incorporate it in your weekly workouts. However, HIIT cardio is also a phenomenal tool to help kick start fat-burning. It burns fat in shorter amount of time than longer endurance workouts, with the added benefit of preserving lean muscle mass. HIIT cardio also helps you build endurance for those longer cardio workouts that require more stamina. It is also perfect for the person with minimal time on their hands. A quick 20 to 25-minute HIIT cardio workout is enough to meet your daily cardio needs and burn a good amount of calories for the day. So, get it in and get out on your lunch break and just worked out for day!


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Why is strength training important?

We believe that everyone should participate in some form of strength training 2-3 times a week minimum. Strength training doesn’t necessarily mean you are lifting extremely heavy weights and putting on tons of muscle.  The purpose of strength training is to keep your muscles active, burn fat, preserve lean muscle, and if you choose too, grow more lean mass. Strength also protects bone health and is important for both the young and the old. It helps with your overall fitness level.

Are you new to the gym?

No problem. We will design workouts that help ease you into the gym, and help you feel comfortable and confident in yourself.

Don’t have access to a gym?

We understand that. Lots of people do not have access to a gym, while some prefer to workout in the comfort of their homes. Allow us to design workouts that will help optimize your at home workouts and help you meet your fitness goals.

Training for a specific reason?

Got a 5K coming up? Half-marathon?  Maybe you’re training for a body-building show?

We will help you with that. Contact us to discuss your personal fitness needs and we will work one-on-one with you for that specific need.

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  • 3-day personalized fitness plan $20.00/ week

  • 5 or more days $35.00/ week (Includes video tutorials and guidance.)

  • Nutrition and fitness plan for the entire month $240.00

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