Low carb Watercress Succotash recipe


Low Carb watercress succotash with sautéed shrimp and shallots

Every Sunday, I am opening up my blog to my husband, Jeremy Sanders. He is a trained chef, and holds a degree in restaurant and hotel management. Not only does he prepare meals for clients, he also cooks my meals as well during my bodybuilding show preps. I follow a strict ketogenic lifestyle, but I also understand not everyone does this, including my husband. I want people to have healthy options available to them, no matter what lifestyle they follow, and this is why we will be posting recipes every Sunday from various eating lifestyles. Be on the lookout for vegetarian dishes, paleo, keto, vegan, and more.

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I learned how to prepare succotash while working on the line in a kitchen for a brand new hotel. This is my twist on a traditional succotash, it's more creamy and fat based. However, I wanted to make it more refreshing and healthy while still maintaining  it's roots. Succotash is very popular in New England for Thanksgiving as well as northern parts of America.

Ingredients for 1 serving:

-1/4 cup of Lima beans

-3 tablespoons of corn

-3 tablespoons of red bell peppers

-1 cup of watercress

- one tsp of garlic

- 2 tablespoons of yellow onions

- 2 tsp kosher salt

- 2 white pepper

- 5 cherry tomatoes

- fresh thyme

- dried cilantro

- 6 large Argentina shrimp

- pinch of julienne shallots

- 1 tablespoons of butter

- 3 tablespoons of olive oil

- fresh lemon


- use a sauté pan and turn your heat on medium

- afterwards add your olive oil and let it coat your pan

- add your diced yellow onions to let them begin to sweat and release water from the onion to add flavor

- add your Lima beans that’s ( al dente) to ensure they don’t become over cooked

- let them cook together for 4 minutes

- add all your vegetables now, except watercress

- begin to add your seasoning and toss to ensure the flavor is saturated

- once your veggies are almost cooked add your watercress and turn your burner off.

- if you like spice you can add jalapeños seeds to add more flavor and heat

- next place it on a plate

- cut your cherry tomatoes in half while adding a dash a lemon juice, thyme, salt and olive oil

- sit that to that side

- use another sauté pan and coat with butter at medium heat

- now add your shrimp and let it begin to caramelize the skin

- once you flip the shrimp and your shallots to create more flavor

- use 3 dashes of salt and dried cilantro

- once cooked place the shrimp on top of your succotash and squeeze a little of lemon on top

- last thing is place your tomatoes on top of your dish and enjoy


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